The Permian Basin Association of Directional Drilling (PBADD) is a nonprofit organization created by oil and gas industry professionals for oil and gas industry professionals. The PBADD is dedicated to providing an avenue or forum for the exchange of industry specific knowledge and ideas that aid in the advancement of the directional drilling industry. Bringing oil and gas operators and service providers together in a collaborative and professional manner to enhance all aspects of the drilling services industry in the Permian Basin.

Our Mission

To bring operators and service providers in the directional drilling industry together through proven solutions, industry breakthroughs, and common outcomes.

Our Vision

To be a reliable resource for the exchange of ideas, creative solutions and a source for knowledge growth specific to the Permian Basin Directional Drilling Industry. To be a proven forum for the development and safety of the directional drilling industry.

Our Values

  • Professionalism is at the core of who we are and an essential part of any organization that desires to create an atmosphere of honor and respect.
  • Philanthropy… a vital part of the PBADD’s purpose revolves around giving back to the community.
  • Education… collecting, sharing and exchanging industry specific knowledge.

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